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What is Social Media Influencer Marketing?


Social Media Influencers Early next week, we will write about how to use social media influencers at events to get everybody talking about your brand! But first we want to give you a breakdown of w [...]

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Long Term Event Planning


Long Term Event Planning The more time you have to plan an event, the better! Whether the event is a multiple day festival or a one day product launch planning in advance is a smart idea! Especia [...]

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Stay in Touch with Your Guests with this Communication Cadence


Communication Cadence Planning an event has a lot of communication involved. Between organizing event spaces, vendors, caterers, you can’t forget to stay in touch with your guests! Laying out a [...]

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Make Your Event Dreams Come True with Fresh Wata Fabrication


Fresh Wata Fabrication Don’t limit your expectations when imagining your dream event. Want your brand name in succulents? What about a couch made out of pizza boxes? How about larger than life bird [...]

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Augmented Reality – Bring Your Brands to Life


Augmented Reality Bring your next brand event to life with augmented and virtual reality. Take advantage of the latest technology and give your audience a look at your brand that they would never hav [...]

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