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Reality Check. The “Eventful” World Of Augmented & Virtual Reality.


Let’s be honest.  No one really wants to see things for what they really are… and why should they.  Can you imagine a world that couldn't be Augmented or if a virtual reality couldn't exists?   [...]

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PWOW – Winter Events


Winter Events In the beginning of the year, we debuted a recurring post called the Planner Words of Wisdom (PWOW). We are bringing back this topic for a monthly piece for words of wisdom from the fo [...]

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Tips to Throw a Smashing Holiday Party


The Holiday Party The holidays have already begun and its time to plan your holiday party. Make sure to take advantage of this time of year. There is so much opportunity for event planning! With [...]

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Stand Out with Booth Design and Product Launch Events CES 2017


CES 2017 CES runs in Las Vegas, from January 5-8, 2017. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association. Also, this trade show ha [...]

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When “Angels” Were Awarded and “Life Was Beautiful”


We have to bring it back in order to Pay it Forward because this fall has already filled us with so much to be thankful for.  November is a month where “Thanks To Be Giving” is in order and FW is [...]

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