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Center Of Attention…


Find Your Floral Alter Ego And Fresh’N Up Your Thanksgiving Table This Year As We Serve You Our Piping Hot Favorite Center Pieces & Floral Arrangements. Nickelodeon Kids Choice [spacer [...]

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How Event Designers Create Events


Lighted holiday decorations on large home

Event Designers Event designers differ from event planners through the scope of their project. They do not just organize your event, but create the world of your event. Event designers work with yo [...]

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Tips for Planning Your Corporate Event


Corporate Event Corporate event covers a multitude of different activities, from working lunches and conferences to holiday parties and after work events. Bringing in an event company to organize [...]

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Planner Words of Wisdom November


event company

Planner Words of Wisdom (PWOW) In the beginning of the year, we debuted a recurring post called the Planner Words of Wisdom, also called PWOW. We are bringing back this topic for a monthly piece [...]

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Brewing the Magic


Event Magic Halloween is here along with it’s magic and it has inspired us to share some of the favorite moments that FreshWata has concocted. View at your own risk and please be advised that we ar [...]

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