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Event Success Tip: Use Wifi Tracking and Dashboards


Fresh Wata has a means to track your event success!  Our data-sheet enables event planners and exhibitors globally, to analyze the metrics of their consumer analytics.  A simple Wi-Fi node can be s [...]

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Distinguishing a Trade Show Booth with a Custom Design


The downfall of many trade show booths that underperform is that the designer emphasizes function over form. Artistic expression may be your key to success. Trade Show Exhibits That Stand Out from th [...]

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Selecting the Right Venue for a Corporate Event


Whether an organization is hosting a conference or a small trade show, location choice can have a significant effect on whether that event is successful. Choosing the Perfect Space for Your Corpora [...]

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Using Corporate Events to Market


A corporate event can be great way of maximizing marketing dollars. This is particularly true when the marketing is highly focused on the area in which the event will take place. Corporate Events a [...]

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3 Things to Expect From a Top-notch Event Services Company


Three things you should look for when you are choosing an event manager are how well they manage your money, make the event safe and extend your brand. How to Choose a Manager to Make Your Event a [...]

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