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Event Planners Need to Plan for Unique Events


Convention events for fans of particular entertainment genres or hobbies are growing in popularity. Event planners and vendors will want to be prepared for this surge in attendance. Fan Conventions R [...]

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Pool Entertainment


We all know that when the weather gets warmer, the pool toys and the slushed drinks with the sliced piece of pineapple on the sides come out. Planning a pool party, whether elaborate or simple, will b [...]

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How Event Planners Can Save You Money on Your Annual Event


Event planners offer many economies of scale that companies can use to their advantage when planning special events such as company gatherings and annual parties. Three Financial Benefits of Using Pr [...]

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The Importance of Rehearsals


Gain insight to help you with your next general session, speaker series, awards banquet, media reception, or any stage presentation you may be involved in.         [...]

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Planning an Event for an Intergenerational Workplace


When planning an event for your employees, you want to make sure you're representing everyone in the office. Here are a few ways to impress employees of all ages with an event that will keep them inve [...]

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