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3 Considerations for Planning A Corporate Event


living coral

Planning a corporate event requires attention to numerous details. Here's a few to keep in mind to ensure a successful event. 3 Considerations to Think About While Planning Your Corporate Event If y [...]

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3 Ways to Dress Up Your Meeting


You can easily spice up your next meeting or general session with these 3 details. 1. Dress your logo in florals. The famous Mcdonald's Golden Arches below were created with daisies by our floral [...]

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Benefits of an Event Production Service


Outsourcing your event management needs provides you with numerous benefits. While some of those benefits save you time and money, others provide you with opportunities that you wouldn't have otherwis [...]

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At the Trade Show, All Businesses Have Potential for Equal Ground


While it may be intimidating to set up a booth next to a large corporation, the trade show is one of the few places where the small business can shine just as bright. Through design and eye-catching g [...]

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Understanding the Difference between an Event Planner and Designer


Many individuals choose to hire a reputable designer to make their event successful, whether it is for business purposes or personal ones like a wedding or retirement party. Here are some things that [...]

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