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Grand Slam Exhibit Coordination

Fresh Wata is here to support you as an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) at your next trade show booth. An EAC is any company that is not designated as an official contractor of the show, a [...]

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Specific Goals Successful Event Management Companies Strive to Achieve

If you think you know everything about what an event management company does, you might be surprised to learn about specific goals that the best companies aim to achieve. Here are some examples that d [...]

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How To Create The Perfect Trade Show Exhibit


trade show booth tips

Creating the perfect design for a trade show exhibit takes creativity and hard work, but the final product can increase a business's profits significantly. How to Design and Create a Great Trade Sh [...]

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Event Design Should Create an Experience Between a Brand and Attendees


Planning an event that showcases one or more brands requires thoughtful integration of the sponsoring companies. Through creative attention to detail, an event can communicate a brand's value to atten [...]

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Add A Vintage Vibe To Your Next Event With an Airstream

What’s cooler than cool? You got it…an Airstream! What’s even cooler is having one at your event that is completely decked out. Event designers all over the world are using these stainless stee [...]

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