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Jump on 2015’s Coolest Trend and Incorporate Fabric into Your Designs

At Fresh Wata we’re always going above and beyond to bring you innovative ways of elevating your events above the rest. That’s why we use fabric architecture to transform interior environments int [...]

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“Roaring” In the New Year

At Fresh Wata, we have a special appreciation for stylish eras in history. Unless you've lived under a rock your entire life, you're aware that the Roaring Twenties Art Deco era was a uniquely speci [...]

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Hey There, Vintage Vixen!


ornate vintage vixen lettering

At Fresh Wata we love all things chic! Sometimes we’re inspired by a theme, sometimes a color, and sometimes it’s a feeling or a vibe we’re after. We think “Vintage Vixen Chic” is a Vogue-wo [...]

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Tacos and Tequila: The Best of Buds


tacos and patron

Tacos and tequila is arguably the most genius pairing in the world. When you want to wow guests' senses with a fresh and fun party vibe, combine vibrant citrus fruits with a variety of tequilas and a [...]

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Baby It’s Cold Outside, But We Are Warm and Cozy!


Whether it's snowing outside or you're enjoying a California holiday, nothing pairs better with the holiday season than Hot Toddies, family and friends! To create the warmest, coziest, most rustic Hot [...]

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