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TSE Design Gallery (Photos Only!)

Highlights from The Special Events Show in Phoenix 2011 [background bokeh="yes" particles="yes" overlay="yes" stars="no" slice="yes" sliceglimmer="yes"][background_image]/wp-content/uploads/2013/ [...]

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The Special Events Show (Part 2)

Fresh Wata's "Design Gallery" creates industry BUZZ! 7 companies were asked to take on a very specific project at this year's show. Design a 1700 sq. ft empty space with no hanging on the walls or [...]

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The Special Events Show (Part 1)

Platinum Plus Sponsors = Platinum Plus ideas! Fresh Wata stood out and killed it at this year's show! After months of planning, strong execution, and a solid week at the Phoenix Convention Center [...]

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Tech Update! CES 2011

The latest and greatest in modern technology! Fresh Wata couldn't be happier to be a part of it! Visit the engadget website to see the BEST of CES 2011, including FRESH WATA favorites like Haus of [...]

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Thanks for Clicking!

We at Fresh Wata would like to take a moment to say "THANK YOU" for your continual support! Please be sure to check back regularly for all our new updates. We are just getting started when it comes [...]

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