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Designer Shoe Fetish by Fresh Wata

"Client, meet the Stiletto! Stiletto, meet Client!" There is something sweet and victorious about finding a pair of amazing shoes. Eyeing the perfect make, admiring the style, color and design... c [...]

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Monkey Quest Launch

The quest to be creative! WE MEAN BUSINESS;) Inspirations first stem from the core of the idea. Technology, fun, and success rank high with the launching of Nickelodeon's new game, Monkey Quest! [...]

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Beyond Bar Mitzvah!

"The talk of the town, certainly THE ONE to remember!" Celebrating a glorious occasion has always been our love and specialty... and it is no wonder that Fresh Wata was called to create the perfect [...]

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A Impromptu Night Club in Vegas!

Speed and style... our specialty! On the evening of March 8 2011, a slammin' night club appeared at the Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas seemingly out of thin air! Glitteratti stopped to get t [...]

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Sprint’s “fresh” Echo Phone Launch!

Check us out in Biz Bash! http://www.bizbash.com/newyork/content/editorial/20021_sprints_echo_phone_launch_showcases_high-tech_dj_booth.php Fresh Wata's production for Sprint's Echo Phone Launch [...]

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