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Trade Show Tips: How to Order Electric

Take it from us! As we prepare to venture off to SXSW for some upcoming booth build out’s including the oh sooo cool AOL Studio (20’x30’) and Mapquest’s 20’x20’ on the tradeshow floor f [...]

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TSE Design Gallery (Photos Only!)

Highlights from The Special Events Show in Phoenix 2011 [background bokeh="yes" particles="yes" overlay="yes" stars="no" slice="yes" sliceglimmer="yes"][background_image]/wp-content/uploads/2013/ [...]

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The Special Events Show (Part 2)

Fresh Wata's "Design Gallery" creates industry BUZZ! 7 companies were asked to take on a very specific project at this year's show. Design a 1700 sq. ft empty space with no hanging on the walls or [...]

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The Special Events Show (Part 1)

Platinum Plus Sponsors = Platinum Plus ideas! Fresh Wata stood out and killed it at this year's show! After months of planning, strong execution, and a solid week at the Phoenix Convention Center [...]

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Tech Update! CES 2011

The latest and greatest in modern technology! Fresh Wata couldn't be happier to be a part of it! Visit the engadget website to see the BEST of CES 2011, including FRESH WATA favorites like Haus of [...]

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