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Broken Leash Boutique 

Summerlin Las Vegas Boca Park—This mission began as simple additions and bloomed into our hard work’s fruition. The balanced combination of masculine and feminine elements delighted our client since the boutique houses both men’s and women’s fashion. Our project designer enhanced the small space with dark wood plank flooring to evoke the luxury of the brand along with a 6’ crystal chandelier. She also added embossed flock wallpaper, revamped the ceiling with a mirror finish and lighting to highlight clothing and display racks. Why stop there? The setting style and originality came off the walls with a floating jean station (suspended in midair). Oomph hit the fitting rooms with 8-foot-tall chairs, a chrome gorilla statue and antique fashion photography with highlighted wood frames. Last, but of course not least, after creating a chain entrance area with tufted pedestals, a custom cash-wrapped, tufted jewelry counter in the shape of a hexagon was placed in the center of the store to benefit the flow around the store. Presented with a vision of blending wood, metals and crystals in a limited space, Fresh Wata installed a visually impactful and rich boutique with the success of finding a masculine and feminine middle ground!

Broken Leash Boutique

Boa Park, Las Vegas

Interior Design, Production, Custom Decor, Fabrication, Install, Project Management, Branding, SIgnage


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Broken Leash Boutique
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