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Sprint Mobile Conference

The Ask: To bring 5G To Life and create a booth that was visually stimulating, open feel, office space, and to provide acitvations for our partners, Nokia + Ericsson.

The Solution: The whole 5G network is new technology, we had several interesting architectural elements in the kiosks, overhead structure and front desk. Materials were high gloss laminates, backlit plexiglass for the most part. From a client perspective the design was out of this world, allowed Sprint to stand out on the tradeshow floor, and impressed their executives. Ideas like the infinity mirror and living wall were exceptionally creative. Our hiring practices with the brand ambassadors also set Sprint apart because of their knowledge and professionalism.

We used a few innovative technologies. Cloud Pepper: A helpful humanoid robot connected to a Cloud AI, transforming the customer engagement experience. The Artificial intelligence allows Cloud Pepper to learn through customer interactions.  Pepper can detect customers using facial recognition and converse in multiple languages, Cloud Pepper connects with customers on an emotional level, providing a unique conversational experience.

Technology: CloudMinds A1 Robot Controller device.Humanoid Robot powered by CloudMinds AI TechnologyIntelligent Conversational platform with CloudMinds proprietary Natural Language Processing Customizable knowledgebase of information API Integration with a second screenSmart Retail Go Box : Artificial intelligence is being used in many industry verticals, we believe AI’s impact on retail will help galvanize the customer experience. Retail customers want a simple buying experience, this is why CloudMinds created the Smart Retail Go Box to automate the Retail Purchase and Checkout Process by using AI, IoT, Sensors, and Big Data Analytics creating a frictionless shopping experience.


Los Angeles, CA

Booth Design, Production, Management, Branding, A/V, Lighting, Install, Custom Fabrication, Decor, Charging & Product Stations, Rigging, Power, Meeting Rooms, Staffing, Coordination, Activations, Pepper


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