Fresh Wata x Visa Superbowl LII, Minneapolis, MNi

This year when Super Bowl LII brought Fresh Wata x Visa to Minneapolis, we collaboratively knew that we wanted to create an authentic Icelandic experience for Visa’s yearly Client Appreciation Dinner. The objective was to create a backdrop where guests would immediately be mesmerized by their environment. We knew that we needed to incorporate some of the beautiful elements that this city had to offer. With a little bit of exploration, we quickly realized that this state had a “flowing” theme (all pun intended here.) Minnesota is known by its slogan “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” due to its considerable number of lakes. Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota and has 13 lakes. The community is predominantly of German and Scandinavian descent. It was a no-brainer that the culture that runs deep here had to be the guest of honor.

The mission was to immerse guests with an entrancing experience that would evoke all of their senses. We needed to enlist the help of a Chef who understands the “lay of the land.” We commissioned the award-winning Icelandic Chef Gunnar Gíslason from NYC. The author of “The New Northern Cuisine of Iceland,” focuses on Icelandic ingredients, produce, wild plants, and tradition. If water is the blood that flows through this state, then music is the heart that pumps it. Minneapolis was the launching pad for some of the most influential musicians like Prince and Bob Dylan. It seemed only fitting for Visa to host the dinner at the award-winning Guthrie theatre.

The cocktail reception took place on the 6th floor of the award-winning Guthrie Theater Foyer, overlooking the snow-filled city. The magnificent dining experience was bestowed upon clients and athletes once the theatre’s motorized wall began to rise and local river dancers broke into a folk dance to welcome all guests. Fresh Wata fabricated two Viking Ship dining tables and set the mood with video mapping of a crescent moon and snowy mountains. The ambiance was true to a “Viking” dinner experience. Guests enjoyed an authentic dining experience that was carefully curated by the Acclaimed Icelandic Chef Gunnar Gíslason from NYC. Night-Cap ala Visa. Guests also enjoyed some sweet treats and a live panel discussion that included the great Larry Fitzgerald, John Randle, Eric Berry and the panel moderator Trey Wingo.


Minneapolis, MN

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Super Bowl LII, Minneapolis, MN
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