How to Update Your Dated Event Marketing Strategy

If your event marketing strategy has been the same for years, let 2019 mark when it changes course. Today, we’re calling out a few dated approaches to event marketing — and suggesting improvements to make your methods more helpful and inviting.

Thinking Inside the Booth

In the past, your tradeshow and event marketing strategy could begin and end at the borders of your exhibit booth. Maybe 5X5 in size (or, 10X10 if you really splashed out). Then, for a series of days, you’d stand behind your booth table with a pile of business cards, lead forms, and maybe a little swag, waiting to talk with any attendee who passes by.

That kind of passive approach no longer works. To modernize your presence at a trade show, it’s time to think outside the booth. More importantly, you have to think outside your experience!

Think of the last trade show you attended — how many hours until your feet were exhausted, your cell battery almost dead, and what you longed for most in the world was a quiet place to sit for just a few minutes and recharge from head to toe?

Now, think of how grateful you’d have been to happen upon a plush and comfy seating area, complete with charging stations and a chill atmosphere…

In 2019, it’s time to start thinking outside the standard booth design.

Give attendees a comfortable space to talk, charge their devices, and take a breather from the hustle and bustle of the conference. Then, maybe you’ll have the time to qualify those who are interested. Or, tailor a demo to each individual instead of blurting out an elevator pitch when they’re passing by.

Showing Signage with Just a Name and Logo

Speaking of real estate, the space on your booth sign is pretty valuable. Despite its high visibility, many brands keep it too simple, emblazoning only their name and logo.

There’s nothing wrong with brand visibility. But, consider that emblazoning just your company name and logo doesn’t do a ton to give attendees a reason to stop and ask for more information. Instead, it breaks the cardinal rule of marketing: Making everything about YOU.

Instead, we suggest updating those event signs to state something far more eye-catching: Your value proposition! State why you’re there and what you can do for them.

Want to see what a killer trade show exhibit looks like in action? Just check out Fresh Wata’s production for Sprint 5G!

Here at Fresh Wata, “Show-Stealing Environments” is our middle name. From custom fabrication to booths tricked-out with interactive gaming stations, creating opportunities for guests to immerse themselves in your brand is where we shine. Visit our contact page to book a consultation for your next project today!

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