How to Win Your Summer Music Festival Pop-Ups (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of How to Win Your Summer Music Festival Pop-Up! We’re breaking down best pop-up practices to help up your music festival marketing game. (Has Home Depot ever looked so appealing?)

home depot pop up

Since these here-today-gone-tomorrow storefronts literally “pop-up” at any event, you might think that creating a memorable experience sounds, well, pretty easy. But, Rome wasn’t built in a day — and neither are polished, professional-looking brand experiences.

That’s why our third tip is so important:

Festival Pop-Up Tip #3:

Don’t Skimp on Your Equipment

When you’re looking to get up and running in a jiffy, nothing beats renting a prefabbed space.
Take this Guerrilla Cube for example. Quick to set up, easy to transport, and highly customizable for a wide variety of looks, functions, and venues, this bad boy can go from empty shell to tricked-out-container in no time.

creative pop up design for music festivals

creative branding music festival pop up

summer music festival marketing pop up

If you’re more interested a space with built-in personality, consider an old-school trailer! With their built-in seating and style by the mile, trailers make for fantastic pop-up conversions. Just check out these past pop-ups designed by Fresh Wata’s team:

branded marketing experience summer music festival

creative marketing experience music festival pop up

Not only does a prefabricated pop-up space look way more polished than a vinyl tent, it’s essentially ready for doors-open the moment you arrive. Win-win!

Festival Pop-Up Tip #4:

Throw Shade (and Ample Seating)

Pop-up shops are an excellent way to get exposure and hopefully earn some new fans. And, when it comes to summer music festivals, one of the easiest ways to get an audience to stick around in between sets is to provide some actual, no-strings-attached shaded seating.

Throw in a few misters and there’s no better way to attract a little positive brand recognition.

music festival pop up shaded seating

Festival Pop-Up Tip #5:

Give Them Something to Walk Away With

Nothing gets attention like free stuff. The key difference between trash and treasure is giving away goodies that can be immediately put to use!

bitcoin cookies swag music festival pop up

Branded sunscreen, cooling towels, popsicles, and sunglasses are all swag items that are worth their weight in gold to the summer music festival crowd. In return, ask that visitors post a pic in front of your pop-up with a designated hashtag and watch the shoutouts will roll in!

Would you like to hear how Fresh Wata can help your team create a splash at the next summer music festival? Give us a call at 702.889.0935 (Las Vegas, NV), 855.523.7374 (Los Angeles, CA), or 913.522.2490 (Dallas, TX) to learn more!

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