How To Incentivize Attendee Engagement At Your Event

Whether you want to gather leads, build customer loyalty, or improve product knowledge, capturing your audience’s attention is only the first step. Keeping attendees actively engaged is equally important in solidifying the success of your event.

What is event attendee engagement?

Event engagement is a familiar topic for organizers. It essentially means the degree to which attendees are captivated by and participating in your event.

The benefits of fully engaging attendees go beyond getting more time to make an impression. According to science, your brain treats engagement and winning a reward exactly the same. The burst of dopamine our brains released at either engagement or reward leads to enhanced positivity and elevated perception.

In short, an engaged attendee will feel satisfied with their experience with your brand long after the ride home.

6 tips to drive engagement

1. Plan for an audience of 1, not 1000

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when designing for a crowd. To create experiences that resonate, start by envisioning an individual. Just one. Think of how you could capture that attendee’s attention throughout the course of the event, then design experiences that facilitate meaningful one-on-one interaction with your brand.

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2. Give attendees something to discover

People can be fascinated by simple, positive surprises—especially when they earn them. Augmented reality is one way to deliver the unexpected at an event, but you can also use good, old fashioned clues. Imagine if attendees were challenged to find a hidden room to see a VIP speaker. Or, complete a scavenger hunt in exchange for swag. Consider your goal, then find ways to draw attendees into a mystery that they need to uncover.

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3. Create Instagrammable moments

Give attendees a reason to share their on-site experiences with unique vignettes and interesting elements. This not only drives their connectivity but gives you access to their community of followers.

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4. Sprinkle small lounge areas throughout your space

We’re big fans of branded rest-and-recharge stations, especially at large trade shows and events. The casual atmosphere allows for relaxed business conversations. Additionally, when attendees interact with people multiple times in smaller settings it leads to more meaningful and longer-lasting relationships.

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5. Invite attendees to engage with your purpose

When designing an engagement, it’s vital to go beyond what’s entertaining and ensure that the experience is relevant. Create a conversation around your “why. Whether that’s giving back or solving a bigger-than-our-brand problem, it gives attendees a chance to be part of something bigger than themselves.

6. Edit your event for Quality over Quantity

From education sessions to networking opportunities, doing fewer things really well drives up the quality of each individual attendee’s experience.

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