Involve Your Guests! 3 Ways to Make Your Event Interactive

A big push in modern event design is how to make your event interactive. You went through all of the steps to engage your guests before they come to your event, and now it’s time to really wow them! Surprise and delight is the way to spread the word about your event from your guests. Sharing on social media and word of mouth is the best way for your brand out there. We rounded up our 3 favorite ways to create interactive elements at your events. Read on below to keep your guests attention throughout the whole event.

Snapchat Filters

Snapchat Geofilters have been available for public for the past year. Most recently they released the ability to create the filter via the app itself! However, we suggest designing and submitting your design via their website. Snapchat filters can cover specific areas during specific times. They allow anyone in that area to use the filter, and keeps guests engaged while using their social media. When guests share their experience at the event on Snapchat, it allows others to join their experience.

Social Sharing Wall

Social sharing is a great way to have your guests involved in your event. Make sure to create a hashtag for your event before you send out the invitations. That way guests can start sharing as soon as they know they are going! Incorporate social sharing into all aspects of your event, putting your event hashtag on decorations and swag! You can also create things like picture mosaics, that work with photo booth stations. Guests will take photos of themselves and add them to a specific part of the wall. Then the overall picture is revealed throughout the event!

Custom Kiosks

Custom kiosks, especially photobooths, can do a lot to keep guests involved! However, you can create fun games with your brand for guests to play. Create fun swag to give away for winners of the game. Photo booths can have custom filters with your branding on them. Or you can have branded items for the guests to hold in the photos themselves.

No matter what your choose, remember to keep your guests involved! They will spread the word, via social media, and allow others to join the event from afar.

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