Make the most of Influencers at events

We all know that influencers are one of the best ways to expand your audience and your reach.
But how do you make the most out of them at events? Follow our tips below to make sure you
utilize your influencers as much as you can.


A great way to spread the word about an event you are hosting is to do it through influencers.
Find mid-sized influencers with high engagement rates whose demographics are similar to your
target audience. One of the best ways to ensure content is authentic is to take a cue from your
influencer. Brief them on the event and the type of content you want them to create, and then let
them do their thing. They know their audience best, and so if they recommend a story with a
highlight, a gallery of stills, or even an Instagram TV video, follow their lead.


Live event coverage is a great use of influencers and a great way to extend the event beyond
the guest list. Depending on their platform the influencers shine on, there are different kinds of
content they can create. They can do a live Behind the Scenes video on FB. Twitter can be live
coverage of fun videos and photos, all including your hashtag. Instagram stories live is A fun
way to expand their content is to also post it on your channels.


Once the event wraps, you’re promotion of the event doesn’t have to! You can use the post
event content to drive to specific landing pages for your brand or company. You can ask your
influencers to create wrap content for the event. This can be asking them to highlight an
Instagram story with a link in their bio. They can do a wrap blog or vlog to their audiences about
their favorite parts. Or whatever they can think up!
Bring additional audience and reach to your events with Influencers!

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