8 Fun Ways to Incorporate Smartphone Charging Stations into Your Event

Running out of battery on your cell phone — and there’s no worse time than during a networking event! That’s why setting up a sweet smartphone charging station is one of the easiest ways to draw attendees to your booth and create a fantastic first impression.

Smartphone phone charging stations can recharge 98% of smartphones depending on which style you choose. Cell juicers don’t have to be boring, either. You can integrate branding into the mobile charging display or even create a custom-branded smartphone charging station!

There are plenty of ways for you to offer a helpful resource that creates a positive experience and earns your brand some recognition. Here are a few of our favorites smartphone charging station styles:

1. Drop and Go

Some attendees might not like the idea of leaving their mobile device under someone else’s watch, but a drop and go charging station can be a popular idea for various events. Assure visitors that a staff member will be present at all times to monitor the phones, and be sure to offer a receipt to ensure a safe return.

smartphone charging station

2. Lounge Charging

Treat guests like royalty by setting up a comfortable and relaxed setting to charge mobile devices. A few inviting couches and chairs will surely promote conversation and usage of charging stations! Plus, giving visitors a chance to kick back and mingle means they’ll stay longer, interacting with each other and your brand.

If you have a little extra space and really want to inspire lounging, what better way to treat guests than show a quick flick while they’re charging up? Movie lounge charging areas might not inspire networking, but they definitely offer up a comfortable place to recharge their feet and refresh!

mobile charging station lounge

3. Movie Theater Lounge

The idea here is to provide a comfortable and entertaining space for attendees. For example, Sprint provided a lounge with a movie theater style, complete with 30-foot-tall columns as charging stations, at the 2011 International CTIA Wireless Show in Orlando.

Don’t have the ability to go all out and create a mini theater? Not to worry! Small tables with two to four chairs each provide an intimate setting and are equally relaxing.

4. Sponsor-Specific Charging Station

This is a great way to cater to mobile device users’ needs while promoting a product or service. Set up charging stations at a specific area within the venue, with at least one client participating each day. While phones charge, attendees can walk around and sample the products and goods. customized charging station  Cell phone charging swivel

5. Designated Charging Zone

Having one spot where people can charge their devices is a great way to encourage people to interact with one another. This works especially well for conferences and meetings. For an added bonus, decorate the charging station with a fun theme, such as space or movie characters, which is sure to get people talking.

6. Locker Room Stations

You don’t need to have a locker room in order to set up this type of charging station. The idea is to have a secure charging locker where attendees can leave their phone to charge, knowing that it’s secured in a locked compartment.

Mobile charging station locker charging lockers

8. Digital Universe Charging Station

While the majority of attendees will depend on their smartphones in lieu of lugging around heavier gear, there are sure to be a few laptops and tablets in need of charging, too. If it makes sense for your target market, create a Digital Universe Charging Station! These designated areas charge everything from iPhones and tablets to laptops and beyond.

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