Planner Words of Wisdom

Fresh wata team

Fresh Wata has been creating events for over 15 years, but all of our knowledge of how to put on our creative events did not all come at once. We have grown into a leading event company that has worked on trade show exhibits, festivals, hospitality suites, dinners, and so much more. Our team has decided to start sharing some of our knowledge that we have all learned from over the years with you with a weekly “Planner Words of Wisdom” aka “PWOW” post. These posts will allow our event producers and designers to provide a tip on varies event topics. Some examples of the PWOWs topics include mistakes to avoid when planning an event, event lighting tips, how to cut cost on exhibits, experienced production company tips when building a stage design, how to pick the right venue in LA and so much more. The goal for our PWOW posts is to provide the knowledge we have all gained in the past few years to other event producers. We are so excited to start sharing with you! Make sure you are following Fresh Wata on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to be able to see these tips! Also, make sure to look for the #PWOW.

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