Truly Creative

We invite you to explore your events and exhibits through the lens of FW as we uncover your story.  FW is insatiably curious, constantly researching materials, imagining and conceptualizing.   Creativity is our gift that inspires others with each experience, story, event, and environment we help produce.  Agencies and brands seek us out for complex and original work. We rise to each occasion to produce what’s never been done and bring a unique set of resources to the job.  The relationships we have cultivated over the years are priceless, precious and vital to our client’s success.  Magic happens when creative ideas, strategy and a strong production team come together. Wildly creative, artistic and knowledgeable, we are designers and storytellers filled with unexpected experiences across different industries.   Similar to an artist, we blend materials from fabric to living plants and projectors into our work creating rare or never before seen activations. Fresh Wata champions integrity and engages with clients as trusted, influential leaders to advance your brand through events, meetings and exhibits.  Your mission becomes our mission and together we strategize and deliver superior results.  Let’s inspire your audience and the world together. 


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