Promote Your Event on Social Media: Choose Your Platform

The only thing more important than organizing an event is marketing it. After all, there’s no bigger fear than perfecting every detail of your event, only to hear crickets on the big day.

When it comes to spreading the word, few channels are as effective or cost-efficient as social media. But, in an age when everyone is promoting something — from their personal brand to a specific event to an entire movement — it isn’t easy to cut through the noise.

To make marketing your event on social media a little easier, we’ve put together a three-part series that includes:

  • How to determine the most impactful social networks for your event
  • Upgrade your social profiles to put your best foot forward
  • Increase engagement on social media leading up to and during the event

Part One: Choose Your Social Networks Wisely

Managing your social media marketing can become overwhelming, fast. According to Wikipedia, there are close to 200 social networks used globally! So, how do you identify which is the right social media channel for your marketing strategy?

First, get familiar with the major social media networks. Then, learn which ones your potential attendees are most likely to use. Check out the basic data points listed below to start narrowing down your list:

pick the social platform where your target audience spends time

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of platforms by identifying where your potential attendees hang out, take a look at what kind of content rules on each remaining option. You can do this by looking at how events like yours use each platform to engage their audiences to understand the potential for your event.

For example, if you’re planning to focus your promotion strategy on pictures and videos from last year’s music festival, Instagram could be the perfect fit.

Will you be posting links to longer articles about speakers at your conference? If so, you might find that Instagram won’t much sense, given that users primarily use it to browse pictures on mobile. However, LinkedIn is a platform where people are more likely to open and read a lengthy piece.

Takeaway: Sometimes, less is more when it comes to social media

If you find that the time commitment is too great, or a particular network isn’t the right fit for your attendees, you might start to skip regular posting — which is why you should be picky about social platforms from the start.

Next Up: Learn quick tips to optimize your social media profiles to better attract potential event attendees!

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