Reality Check. The “Eventful” World Of Augmented & Virtual Reality.

Let’s be honest.  No one really wants to see things for what they really are… and why should they.  Can you imagine a world that couldn’t be Augmented or if a virtual reality couldn’t exists?  Even worse if your next Event lacked a mind blowing FW Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality experience?  No way no how.  Not if our creative team has a say in it.  We’ve proudly been immersed in this innovative and exciting world of AR and VR for some time now and partnered up with some of the best players in the industry.

What’s The Difference Between VR and AR?

Although they are similar they are not the same.  Some may even prefer one over the other but we like to think that they are both special in their own way.

Virtual Reality.

With VR you are fully and completely submerged inside of a private VR world that’s confined by goggles.  The privacy that the goggles provide facilitates people to lose themselves, let go and have fun in the private world that only they see.

Augmented Reality.

Most people are some what familiar with Augmented Reality due to the phenomenon that is Pokémon.  AR differs because you are not confined to goggles.  The experience is in full open exposure because the goggles are replaced with a cell phone.  With the help of an app and the touch of a phone a basic piece of paper, wall (step and repeat) or even a branded plate or napkin can come to life.

Whether you’re wanting to generate media buzz or want to provide your guest with innovative and Fresh interactive entertainment, incorporating a little VR or AR experience is a brilliant way to literally bring your brand to life.

So Basically…

Keep Keeping It Fresh
Let Us Virtually Augment Your Next Event’s Reality Experience.

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