Refreshing Pop-Ups From Festivals Around the World

Summer festivals have become big business. Along with music and millennials, they bring a more recent influx of corporate and mass-label retail brands.

To get facetime with their target market, companies use creative pop-up activations — the best of which offer festival goers a chance to stop and refresh. (While upping a brand’s cool-factor in the process.)

Here are the four most refreshing pop-ups we could find:

The bike-powered Ben & Jerry’s movie theater pop-up was a fun summertime event that took place over the first weekend of August. Throughout the three-day event, consumers were invited to participate in a variety of activities and lounge on grassy sofas and cow print beanbags.

The Perrier Greenhouse was an escape within an escape for festival goers, providing visitors with a refreshing change of pace. Packed with air conditioning, signature cocktails, and it’s very own DJ, the this branded festival pop-up definitely gave the rest of the shows a run for their money.

This year, an annual music festival in Finland boasted a mobile motel — courtesy of Fosters and Airbnb. Called the No Worries Motel, this pop-up was outfitted with floor-to-ceiling Foster’s branding including the towels, toothbrushes, and bedding.

Coachella 2019 featured a YSL Beauty Station that was especially on Instagram. Intentionally designed to appear as a gas station, this pop-up went as far as to include vintage vehicles for festival goers to pose in front and inside of. Cleverly located outside of the festival grounds, the YSL pop-up prompted guests to pull over prior to the event. Inside, consumers were able to try the luxury brand’s new products, but the main attraction was the Instagram-designed backdrops.

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