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What is Experiential Marketing?

Fresh Wata, Las Vegas has been a champion of experiential marketing since its founding! Experiential marketing is also known as engagement marketing. It is a marketing strategy that directly engages the audience and allows the users an in-person experience with a brand. Instead of passively serving ads to the audience, this form of marketing directly involves users in the production of marketing programs. This can take the form of social media campaigns, in-person events, or challenges like the video game tour challenge.

Why Experiential Marketing?

This form of marketing allows brands to have an open dialogue with their audience. Fresh Wata, Las Vegas brings those kinds of experiences to audiences through event creation. A product release party is a perfect example of experiential marketing. These kinds of events make the audience feel involved in a company, and allows them to experience the product and brand in a one on one setting. Brand ambassadors are essential for these kinds of events. Brands can garner real time feedback from their audience, to stay an adaptable, nimble company.

Fresh Wata, Las Vegas Experiential Marketing

Check out Fresh Wata Las Vegas’s Tinder VR activation at CES 2017, another engagement marketing event! This booth, created by Fresh Wata, is a great example of experiential marketing. Tinder both poked fun at itself and the trendy topic of VR with this booth. They created a new virtual reality headset for Tinder matching! But in reality, this was just VR headsets that connected 2 people, literally matching them IRL. Tinder’s audience got to physically interact with the brand at this activation and that is what experiential marketing is all about.

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