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At Fresh Wata, we create gripping, media-rich interactive exhibits that generate buzz and excitement long after an event is over. Combining the power of modern storytelling with state of the art digital technologies and decadent architectural design, we inspire visitors to fully immerse themselves in your brand and product.

Here’s how we do it:

We start with a blueprint

  • We assess your needs and learn about the product or message you want to sell.
  • We take time to understand your target market’s interests and personality.
  • We incorporate our expert knowledge about what drives traffic to exhibits and what makes visitors stick around.

We create an engaging story

  • We follow the same basic marketing rule that media and social outlets do: If you tell an authentic, compelling story, people will talk about it.
  • We design our interactive exhibits with the goal of inviting guests to become part of that story, providing them with entertaining real world experiences that deepen brand loyalty and drive repeat traffic to your displays.

We produce a fun, show-stopping visual structure

  • We find innovative, visually arresting construction materials and utilize them in novel ways that visitors can’t resist exploring.
  • We create unexpected and appealing spatial configurations that draw guests in and encourage them to linger.
  • We employ expert craftsmanship and intelligent design strategies to produce a coherent aesthetic.

We load it up with dazzling, media-rich interactive displays

  • We utilize the latest technologies to turn your booth into a multimedia playground, inviting visitors to touch, tap, move, listen and look as they learn about your brand.
  • We create multiple interactive points of entry throughout your exhibit, making it easy for guests to join in the fun and stay engaged.
  • We give guests stories to tell about your booth and your brand.

We give you the best we have to offer

  • We work with some of the most popular brands in the world, and we put everything we’ve learned at your disposal. Whether we’re helping you develop strategies for utilizing interactive technologies, designing, producing and managing a large interactive exhibit from start to finish or brainstorming about your pop-up trade show booth, we give you all the Fresh Wata attention needed for success.

AOL/CES EXHIBIT BOOTH from Fresh Wata on Vimeo.

If you’re looking for that extra “WOW” factor for your exhibit, contact Fresh Wata and get started working with the top rated innovators around. 702-889-0935.

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