Keep events runnings smoothly with Tech

Event Tech

Event planning in the modern age means you can engage your guests like you never have before! There are new and exciting opportunities to keep your guests surprised and delighted at your events, and keep your event from having any interruptions. Taking advantage of tech can make sure your event runs smoothly.

Mobile Charging Station

Almost all guests to events will have a smartphone with them. You want your guests to use their smart phone throughout the event. They can capture pictures through snapchat and increase your audience through their network. They can live stream parts of the event on their Facebook. Guests can take pictures, edit and finish on photoshop, and post to Instagram, all from their phone at your event! Keep those devices powered up with mobile charging stations at your event! There are several different designs so these charging stations can match your event. These stations charge by placing phones on charging pads! Locker type stations are available, where users can leave their phone without a worry. You can also create a seated area around the charging station.


Arm with scanning its wristband on kiosk
Registration for events has become much easier with the rise of technology. RSVP and event sites are mainly used for event registration and to house information for guests. Create a registration hub at your event with tablets that guests can use to check in themselves! If your event has multiple days, consider investing in RFID bracelets for your guests, so they can check-in hassle free. Have your registration station connect to printers so guests can easily print out event credentials or information.

Custom Kiosks

Custom Kiosks can bring a variety of different activity to your event! Photo booths that connect instantly to social media for sharing. Create a simple game for your event and place kiosks playing that game around your event! Have event photographers taking pictures all throughout your event. Load those photos onto kiosks attached to printers. Then guests can find candid photos of themselves enjoying the event, print it out and bring it home!

Remember these pieces of tech, and your event will be a success!

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