Stage Design

Want flawless stage design for your event?

The key to brand awareness is presenting a consistent image that reflects the innovation, creativity, and vision of your company. At Fresh Wata, we design stage sets from the bottom up that are memorable, distinctive, and—most importantly—serve as a crucial ambassador for your brand. Take advantage of our design perspective, leveraging decades of first-hand experience and a passion for creativity, to make this year’s event the best yet. Stage Design

Who is Fresh Wata?

Our team of designers, event organizers, production experts, and savvy marketers saw a gap in the market for real innovation and cutting edge events. Raised on technology, we are experts at fusing traditional elements with interactivity, collaborative co-creation, and technology. We do things differently because we believe there is a better way. When we commit to a project, we design and execute from day one. Our stage design geniuses can create a unparalleled experience that your audience won’t soon forget.

Not Just Design

At Fresh Wata, we’re more than just great ideas. Our expert team can not only develop a unique stage set for your next event, we will actually execute this plan from scratch. Using reputed experts in the fields of carpentry, electronics, network, A/V, furniture, and security—we can handle just about anything. Check out our full list of services and find out how Fresh Wata can help take your brand to the next choice awards show stage   As one of the top event production companies, Fresh Wata has the experience, creativity, talent and necessary tools to put your event a step ahead of the rest. A flawless stage is a phone call away.  Contact us today at (702) 889-0935!

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