Video Mapping

Video Mapping will give your event the high-tech touch it deserves

What has the power to take an ordinary event and an turn it into an innovative event that people won’t be able to shake from their memory banks? The key elements are brilliant design, technical innovation, and a top notch visual experience. Fresh Wata experts are well-versed in every aspect of event planning and execution, and we pride ourselves in using the latest in technology to put your event a step ahead of the rest.

Video Mapping

Video mapping is just one of the many ways that we’re changing the events game.  Also known as projection mapping, this cutting-edge technology uses projection devices and special software to transform complex objects and shapes into dynamic surfaces.

Not familiar with the video mapping concept? Let us help: A two or three-dimensional object is spatially mapped in a virtual environment and projections are dynamically applied to add extra dimension, optical illusions, and a sense of movement to static objects. To up the ante a little more and further augment the surface, add audio complements and triggers!

Our expertise in video mapping is just the beginning, though. With our passion for the high tech, we are determined to seamlessly blend your needs with the latest in technology while creating an undeniably compelling experience for your event attendees. Visit our productions page now to find out all the services Fresh Wata can provide for you!

Contact us today at (702) 889-0935 to find out how we can make this year’s product launch, annual meeting, or show the best yet.

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