SPACIOUS NYE: Dream. Believe. Do.

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.”


The future is anything you want it to be! For NYE 2019, Fresh Wata gathered an eclectic community of conscious creators and cultured residents to enter 2019 with higher vibrations and a grounded mindset. SPACIOUS NYE was our new take on how New Year’s Eve should be celebrated with your tribe. We had so much fun, and we’re excited to create another countdown event experience for 2020!

spacious nye

The scene: SPACIOUS NYE attendees witnessed history in the making at the stroke of midnight with an Astronaut Drop from 60′ above the dance floor. Before the countdown, guests were treated to an evening of highlights, as the space-themed party’s message of ‘DREAM. BELIEVE. DO,’  was brought to life in a 60,000 sq ft immersive experience off-strip.

spacious nye fresh wata

Mission Accomplished

Surrounded by creative design, wellness, health and tech, here’s how nearly 1,000 attendees celebrated life and realigned intentions to create SPACIOUS and fresh 2019:

  • 80’ video-mapped CTRL Station with sounds by DJ Amara featuring a Mission Control  Countdown by Jay R Beatbox
  • First-ever Astronaut Drop from 60’ above the CTRL Station’s dance floor
  • 40’ Clarity Dome hosting Silent Savasana Meditation Series featuring Josiah Samadhi
  • 19+ immersive experiences, multi-sensory environments, exhibits, art installations and live entertainment
  • Elixirs from NASA’s Nutritional Biochemist, Alex Ott
  • Twilight Zone takeover by MNTRA & Soul State featuring 10 DJs
  • Galactic Grub from VegeNation, Makers & Finders Coffee, Juicy Beets, Dragon Grille, Doughp and Masterpiece Cuisine
  • VR Arcade + urbane lounge environments
  • Meet & Greet with Pepper the humanoid robot
  • Anti-gravitational performances featuring aerialists
  • Reiki Massages + Full Support Exhibit
  • Measurable action against climate change with each ticket purchased – carbon footprint offset by 200%

The Future is Bright with Fresh Wata

Our aim for this alternative celebration? We wanted to cultivate wellness and positive reflections, as well as positive projections for 2019. Here’s a taste of how SPACIOUS NYE garnered optimism for the year to come:“Loved the people I interacted with.”

“It was exactly what New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas should be.”

“Transformative and fun.”

“Attracted the right crowd and had enough interesting spaces for everyone.”

“The entire venue was beautiful! Spacious had many fun things to do and experience.”

“It was a great start to a New Year tradition.”

“Overall it was an awesome event. Can’t wait to see what you guys create next year!”

“The dome to meditate was great! Loved all the art! I would definitely go next year if it happens again!”

spacious nye fresh wata

Join Us for SPACIOUS 2020!

If you couldn’t make it for our astronaut drop, there’s always next year! SPACIOUS NYE is an annual event and we’d love to see you on December 31st, 2019. You can learn about what’s to come on the SPACIOUS NYE 2020 website or keep in touch on our Facebook page. Check out the fantastic moments, experiences, and atmospheres captured by Tiffany Rose Photography in our SPACIOUS NYE gallery!

spacious nye fresh wata

Is Your Brand Ready to Dream?

You don’t have to wait a whole year to experience our special style of creative services. Fresh Wata designs, creates, and produces out of this world experiences for brands just like yours. Get in touch to talk to our event product experts, available nationwide. If you are looking to participate and get involved with Spacious NYE 2020, let’s start the conversation now:

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