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Visit the offices of Fresh Wata and take a tour de fort of the town’s in which we work our magic! Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Kansas City!

Work is being done across this great nation, but none as chic (or as sought after) as working from the salty beaches of SANTA MONICA, California. “This is where life is happening,” says Fresh Wata’s Jessica Slama. The Fresh Wata offices get inspired daily by the weather, culture, fashion and fun of the beach lifestyle here. It shows in the clever new ideas we sprout, to the relaxed vibe you’ll feel when visit us to chat about your next EVENT ADVENTURE. Located right in the mix of it all, our WEST COAST offices are surrounded by other inspiring firms, including Playboy, HBO West and Universal. Fresh Wata LA has easy access to the main vein of SaMo itself and to the freeway for our CLIENTS events throughout GREATER LOS ANGELES.

Let us be your FRESH HOST and show you around a bit!

Fresh Wata offers you the best in floral design from petal to vase for each event you have that needs floral fanfare. “Everything is so green and colorful here because the weather is so temperate and the soil so moist,” says Fresh Wata Floral Designer, Stephanie Elhayani. That optimal landscape makes it easy to be constantly inspired with new flower combinations, or a new color palate for a centerpiece. One of the great places to see abundant flora and fauna is at the famous weekly Santa Monica FARMERS MARKET. You can come and explore the seasons best in bloom and also select a number of different edible flowers to dress up your next dessert or entree! Come and BE INSPIRED!

You don’t have to look much further than your front door to take in some elegant, vibrant, breathtaking design in the Santa Monica area. Just across the street from the Fresh Wata offices is a famous graffiti building, clad in graffiti since 1991, by famed graffiti writers Slick, Risk, Den and Severe. The urban building literally welcomes you into Santa Monica as you head into the town. Down the street on Ocean Avenue, numerous high-end hotels line the ocean front with sleek and tasteful architecture and landscape design. “As a designer, to see the great infusion of colors, and upscale decor that these hotels use, it inspires my own design for a clients event or interior design project,” says Fresh Wata’s design guru, Terra Breese. Where do we love? The new Bungalows at The Fairmont Hotel! It is a relaxed atmosphere with just the right amount of “posh”. Small, intimate and visually captivating, this is a great way to start or end a Santa Monica weekend when you’re here visiting our Fresh Wata offices.


Take a deep breath, throw on some flip flops and say Ahhhh. With a 70 degree annual temperature, life by the beach is rejuvenating and inspiring and it makes the Fresh Wata creative juices flow. The Santa Monica beach, famous for the boardwalk and beautiful sandy beaches, is just steps away from the Fresh Wata offices¬† “Sometimes when I am working on an event that requires thinking outside the box, I will take my notebook and phone to the boardwalk and let the people walking, biking, singing, creating and living inspire me,” says Executive producer, Lisette Elhayani. “It opens up my mind in crazy, new directions and I can then offer my clients new, innovative directions for their events!” There probably is a lot of truth to that myth about magical ocean living, after all.

~~ Fresh Jess

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