Tips to Create a Stand Out Exhibit at CES 2019

If your business creates, sells, or is influenced by consumer electronics, then it’s time to start preparing for the largest industry event of the year: CES 2019. This is the one-stop show of shows when it comes to everything that’s on the horizon in the world of technology.

The Consumer Electronics Show takes place in early January in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lasts for an entire week, and draws crowds of close to 200,000! For any brand in the tech gadget space, that’s one heck of a crowd you can potentially introduce to your brand.

Of course, there’s also plenty of other exhibits to catch their attention. Ready to see our tips to stand out from the crowd? Here’s how to keep it super-fresh at CES 2019:

CES 2019 Tip #1:

Different is Better

If what happens at the Consumer Electronics Show makes a big difference in your business year, take the opportunity to pave your own path and really stand out from other brands. Create an experiential marketing space where customers and fans can interact with your brand, experiencing your latest technology and innovations in a realistic environment.

CES 2019 Tip #2:

Preparation is Paramount

CES is arguably one of the busiest weeks on the global tech calendar, with events, networking opportunities, and conversations which will present themselves. And, planning for all that?

Well, getting ready for CES can overwhelm even the most seasoned event professional — particularly if you’re crunched for time. (That’s why we ask that any brand considering Fresh Wata’s exhibition service for CES 2019 contact us now to start planning next year’s Consumer Electronics Show.)

Having a great strategy in place will ensure you’re able to keep a clear head and accomplish what you’re there to achieve.

CES 2019 Tip #3

Fill a Need

For the biggest exhibitors at CES, clearly, ROI is well-calculated. Tech reporters aren’t simply looking for the most technologically advanced or creative solutions, they’re keeping their eyes and ears open for tangible innovations — the kind that can directly benefit the global consumer.

Bottom Line: Planning and standing out is paramount. But, the cherry on the top of your efforts to stand out at CES 2019 is proving that you understand evolving customer needs, and using innovation to help your brand reach consumers in a relevant way.

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