Stand Out with Booth Design and Product Launch Events CES 2017

CES 2017


CES runs in Las Vegas, from January 5-8, 2017. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association. Also, this trade show has been continuously running since June, 1967. It is currently one of the largest events in Las Vegas. Last year over 3,600 companies attended CES in over 2.4 million square feet of space.

Exhibit Booth Design


Fresh Wata has designed several Exhibit Booths for CES. Also, we know how to ensure that your company’s booth stands out. One example is the CNET exhibit booth that we designed and created. CNET features live coverage of content in real-time, and wanted a booth that displayed those features. We created a 50 by 50 foot booth with a 20’ LED wall, a 16-monitor video wall, ticker and a main stage. The CNET staff of editors and producers were able to cover the show. In addition, they provided live streaming coverage, and host interviews in their exhibit booth. Think outside the box with what you can do inside your booth. Instead of just show off your brand or product, interact with the conference as a whole and add something to your audience.



Product Launch Events

Conferences are a great place to host product launch events. Most of all, you have a captive audience who wants to go to different events after the conference ends for the day. Fresh Wata designed and organized a product launch for Samsung at CES in 2015. Samsung had a clear vision for their event when they approached us. Especially relevant, when organizing your own product launch, communicate your vision for your event to your event designers clearly. Their event included a dramatic reveal of their new SUHD TV, debuting for the first time at CES.



Fresh Wata and CES

Stand out from the crowd at CES with unique booth design and creative, exciting product launch events. Debuting new products and staffing a booth in the expo hall are great ways to expand your audience with fresh users at conferences. Take advantage of the largest conference in Las Vegas and attend CES January, 2017.

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