Tips and Tricks for Outdoor Events

During the middle of winter, it can be hard to think about having events outside! However, with big events, you want to start planning as early as possible. So if you want to have a summer pool party or outdoor festival, you should start planning now. Outdoor events can be tricky for a variety of reasons. But we have some tips and tricks below to help ensure your outdoor event goes smoothly.

Plan for the Space

nice outdoor venue setup
One of the most difficult parts of planning an event outdoors is that you have to create all of your own space! Having an outdoor event in a field or in a park means that you need to create areas for your guests. You want to create a reception area. This will be where guests can check-in for the event. Another kind of space that is helpful are sitting areas. If your event is on the fancier side, then your guests will not want to sit on the ground and ruin their clothes. Creating 5-10 sitting areas, depending on the size of your event, will make sure guests are comfortable.

Create Shade

One of the most difficult parts of outside events is the sun factor. Depending on what the weather is doing, which is difficult to know ahead of time, you will want shade for your guests. One option is to tent the whole event! Keep the sides of the tent open and uncovered so your guests feel they are still outdoors, but keep them out of the sun. This will require a set-up crew, but will make the entire event much more pleasant for your guests. Other options are small tents for each section of the event, or to have patio umbrellas over sitting areas.

Consider Your Menu

Make sure you keep in mind the weather when you plan your meal. If you are planning an outdoor event in august, don’t serve soup! Some good chilled options will keep your guests happy. Remember that hydration is very important for outdoor events. Keep water stations open throughout all of the event.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind for your summer outdoor events!

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