Trade Show Timeline for Easy-Peasy Planning: Part 2

Trade Show Timeline Steps: 6-9 Months Out

In Part 1 of our Trade Show Timeline series, we walked you through important steps to take when you’re around one year to nine months out from a convention or event. Here’s a recap:

  • Select events only after some intense scrutiny to make sure it attracts your target audience and matches up with your brand.
  • Clearly define your budget. Not just as a whole, either! Evaluate each expense, the potential ROI, and then set limits on spending to make sure your money goes where it matters most.
  • Start considering your booth design.

Now, 6-9 months out seems like ample buffer on your trade show timeline, doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled, these precious few months speed by faster than you can double dutch after a triple espresso.

So, what’s the best way to use your 6-9 month time buffer when prepping for a trade show event? We’ve outlined the four most important steps that’ll keep you ahead of schedule (and the competition)!


First, start thinking about a specific message for the event–one that concisely describes your purpose. Whether it’s a salesy call to action, memorable branding statement, or an attention-grabbing promise for a new product reveal, ruthlessly narrow your message down.

Keep it simple and sweet! Your goal: To get across who you are AND what visitors gain from your product or service in 30 seconds or less.


Now that you’ve determined WHO you want to visit your booth, WHY they should swing by, and HOW your product or service fills their needs, it’s time to get visual.

Determining your exhibit design, layout, and graphics can be as simple or extravagant as your budget allows. Swinging towards simple? No worries! You can still appear polished by planning your exhibit design, layout and graphics to create a consistent brand experience.

Want to knock their socks off? Event design and custom production is the name of our game. We mean it: Fresh Wata is known for creating award-winning environments that connect visitors with your brand. (Click the Contact Page to get in touch.)


You’ve identified your three benefits and considered preliminary booth designs. What could be left? How to attract visitors there, of course. Think up a high-impact trade show giveaway that will promote your brand and attract visitors to your booth.


You know your message, your design, and your strategy to attract visitors. Now, determine what literature and marketing materials visitors will walk away with to remember your brand.


Is your event closer than 6-9 months, or you just like being super-prepared and want to pre-plan what to do next? Check out Part 3 of our Trade Show Timeline!

Or, if you’ve still got questions on how to produce your first trade show booth, be sure to ask in the comments–we love to offer help.

Finally, if you find creating your booth design, marketing plan, or event environment is too much to handle, get in touch for a no-commitment consultation call! Fresh Wata offers their award-winning event production and design services nationwide, with locations in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Houston/ Dallas, Kansas City, and Canton, Ohio.

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