Tricia Costello Keeping it Fresh on The Pivot

The Pivot Podcast was founded on the idea that pivoting is crucial to the success of any plan. As the intro says, “Unexpected events or circumstances arise on everyone’s journey, but this seems to be especially true for entrepreneurs.”

Fresh Wata founder Tricia Costello was recently featured on The Pivot to talk shop. The chat covers everything from how she knew working in events was the goal for her, to how Tricia was able to turn that love for events into partnerships between Fresh Wata and some of the most well-known brands in the world.

Here are a few highlights:

For those who don’t know, what does Fresh Wata do?

Fresh Wata creates immersive experiences, producing events and exhibits. A marketing executive or brand will come to Fresh Wata with as little as a booth number or product launch date, and we hop right in to become part of their team.

With in-house producers, project managers, designers, builders, and painters — we carry an event from ideation to on-site execution. Whether it’s entertainment, virtual reality, augmented reality, we just try to create an immersive experience that tells the story of their brand.

You started 23 years ago! How has event design changed over two decades?

Events are almost like architecture now! It used to be signs and streamers, now you’re building out full-on stores or exhibits.

From 2RCode to, moving walls and touch screens…everything is changing. To keep up, I’m in a constant state of discovery, looking out for new materials, lighting, products, and technology.

What was your biggest challenge that Fresh Wata has faced?

Getting our own space, our own warehouse, was a huge process. Finding our home and being able to express ourselves makes a big difference. Now, we can get inspired, throw up video-mapping sculptures, dinosaur heads, make our headquarters a home. But it took three years to get here.

What’s the best marketing advice you’ve ever received?

Take the risk! Spend time on the discovery phase. Let yourself get lost in doing all the research. Then, trust yourself and go for that big idea. As long you’re being authentic, just go for it.

Want to hear the whole episode of The Pivot? You can find it in iTunes here, or follow this link to listen online.

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