Universal Studios Enchanted Forest: Employee Appreciation Event

Have you ever wanted to dine in an enchanted forest, under a living canopy of flowers and twinkling lights?

Here at Fresh Wata, our passion is redefining the way our clients experience events. And, for Universal Studios Florida Employee Appreciation Event, we were invited to design and produce an ethereal, otherworldly dinner event was absolutely unforgettable!

Out of several themes, the idea to create an Enchanted Forest was unanimously loved. A previous visit to the Hilton Bonnet Creek Resort gave us the idea to create a giant chandelier as the focal point for the dinner, so our team immediately got to work.

Creating a 10’ x 18’ Floral Chandelier

The process of creating a unique structure like this begins with a vision board. Ideas are then sketched, rendered, then fabricated. The Fresh Wata team made a custom metal frame to carry the weight of the application.

The frame was 18’ wide and 10’ tall when assembled. But, even more impressive than its size, the chandelier was carefully designed to break down for transport!

Once it was transported to onsite, our labor production team works carefully to maneuver the pieces into the building. Our team assembled and attached the frame low to the ground so it could be decorated with an abundance of flowers and greenery.

Fresh Wata florists made the living chandelier came to life as it was covered with layer upon layer of green foliage, dendrobium orchids, lilacs, hydrangea, and roses. The entire bottom tier (10’ wide) was filled with fresh whimsical florals making an upside-down garden that even creeps up the sides.

Then up it goes! In the air, the custom masterpiece steals the night and made the room smell lovely!

Making an Enchanted Forest Come to Life

Universal Studios Corporate Event Week is a chance for the company to show appreciation to their employees and their families. Because the brand is built on delivering custom and inspiring moments, this we wanted to create a dramatic atmosphere. One that completely enveloped guests from the moment they arrived!

enchanted forest universal studios employee appreciation event

To make sure each guest was completely immersed in our enchanted forest, greeters were outfitted in fresh blooms from head to toe. If guests were lucky, they’d get spritzed with a dreamy perfume.

Inside, a giant tree, covered in whimsical touches of old books, dusty hats, and firefly jars added to the magical ambiance. Throughout the rooms, we carefully arranged mixes of gold manzanita branches and tree stumps. These were decorated with glass domes and antique treasures to recreate the feeling of discovering a secret, enchanted path.

The Universal Studios Employee Appreciation Event not only looked beautiful, inside smelled divine! Between the gorgeous decor, live music, and sumptuous fare, you couldn’t help but allow your imagination to take flight!

If you have an upcoming event and would like to delight guests by creating the impossible, give us a call! Fresh Wata has locations across the United States, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland, Dallas/ Houston, and Miami, Florida.

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