Use Augmented Reality to Create Magic at Your Next Event

Augmented Reality combines the real world with a computer-generated one.

Using mobile technology and visual FX, users can experience the impossible, from watching a band’s performance in their refrigerator to dancing with wild penguins in a hotel lobby. Just check out the fantastic close encounters delivered by the BBC to promote Frozen Planet below:

Think that sounds too high-tech? If you’ve ever used an Instagram or Facebook filter to add adorable animal ears to your portrait, you’re basically an AR-wielding pro.

While exciting on its own, Augmented Reality offers event professionals a whole new world of possibilities. That same facial recognition technology that allows your inner panda bear to finally come to light can be used to manipulate real-world environments. The results can range from memorable product interactions to groundbreaking, custom-branded campaigns.

Since Fresh Wata is all about the extraordinary, we can’t help but love integrating AR into events and exhibits. Here are a few ideas on how you can use Augmented Reality at your next event—whether to entertain guests or enhance a consumer’s experience with your brand:

1. Augmented Reality Performances

Want to give every customer tickets to an exclusive show? AR allows you to deliver exclusive performances without the crowds or costs of bringing in a headliner.augmented reality at event

To promote their new Kickstart cans, Mtn Dew gave customers a chance to view exclusive AR performances. The catch? Performances were only available within a limited window, so customers had to have a supply of Mtn Dew already on-hand.

Once the alert went out, customers had 24 hours to open their Mtn Dew app with a Kickstart can in view to unlock an Augmented Reality performance in their own home! The result was a totally ‘out of the box’ experience that sent social shares (and excitement) through the roof.

2. Use AR to Show Your Products in Action

We’ve all heard that a picture’s worth 1000 words. But, a working, moving demonstration? That’s priceless.

Great for events, trade shows, and product launches, AR allows you to interact with new products. Instead of explaining a model function, let guests see how it’s made on the assembly line. Or, better yet, watch it in action!

Check out how Augmently uses AR to display a new model car in the video below:

3. Make Attendees Smile with an AR Mirror

Adding memorably, interactive elements is the priority of every event planner—something AR makes easier than ever. One tech-savvy way to do so is using an Augmented Reality mirror.

In mirror AR, the viewers don’t see themselves exactly as they are, but instead with some augmented components, like a fun model or alterations to their appearance. (Like those Insta-filters we mentioned earlier.)

More than getting a good laugh, AR tech can be used to immerse guests in the experience of using a product or service. Promoting a movie? Allow guests to interact with characters! Do you have a wearable product to display? Let them see what it looks like on!  The result is an immediate and powerfully positive memory of your brand.

Want to Use Augmented Reality at Your Next Event?

Here at Fresh Wata, we’re all about out-of-this-world event design. And, there’s nothing more innovative than Augmented Reality to highlight what you do best in real life! From AR dance-offs and user-generated art contests to allowing a select few to discover secret parties in a crowded venue, our team can help the world your guests already see even cooler, creating an unbeatable way to connect at your next corporate event.

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