Use Custom Kiosks to Engage Guests

Custom Kiosks

Kiosks are not just for the mall anymore! Whether they are for a large event with multiple segments, or to set your trade show booth apart, kiosks keep guests entertained and involved with your brand!
Trade Show Booth Kiosks


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The best way to liven up a trade show booth to introduce your brand to new audiences is with kiosks! Kiosks provide little islands for brand ambassadors to staff and interact on a more personal level with your guests. Setting up product demonstrations at the kiosks will provide guests with the chance to interact with your product and have a personal experience. You can also add a scanner to your kiosk at events with RFID tag bracelets. This allows guests to check into your booth as well as an opportunity to share about the event to their social media accounts. Kiosks are easily branded for trade shows, keeping your company at the forefront.
Check­ In Kiosks

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Large events that have a long list of guests to check in can benefit from check­ in kiosks. Having a “Check ­In” section with 8­-10 kiosks serving guests to enter the event will keep long lines from building. Keep your guests happy and engaged from the minute they step into your event with personal check­in kiosks. You can create custom content for your branded kiosk check in, that enhances the theme of the event.
Photo Printing Kiosks

Event photographers roaming and taking pictures of the action is a great way to keep guests involved with the event. These photos can be displayed on video walls and also available at photo printing kiosks! Have tablets available to display the photos. Then guests will be able to choose which photos they want to keep from the event. The pics will print out at the kiosk, and your guests will have a fun memory from the event.

Action Kiosks


Set up some kind of easy game at kiosks around your event. Brand the game with the event theme, and have easy, swag prizes for your guests! This brings an element of fun and adventure into your event, and keeps your guests entertained. The prizes they win and take back home with them will serve as a delightful reminder of the event they attended.

Set your event apart from the rest with kiosks created specifically for your event!

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