Vegas Neon & Unveiling

As guests arrived at the SLS Las Vegas porte-cochère, they were about to witness a well designed space by MKG who called upon Fresh Wata to fabricate the large project with only a few weeks lead time. MKG was on point with detailed drawings which made it easy to start production and purchase materials. Their stage production called for a reveal, the CEO of Samsung took the stage at CES at this first look event. Project Manager, Bart Remark worked alongside the production team to oversea all the builds.

Our team was there to build and execute installation of a clean seamless stage & stage backdrop at the Foxtail Pool. The design called for four mechanical glossy doors that would swing outward to reveal the new SUHD TV. The crowd gathered and the pool was looking gorgeous with the SLS video mapped building walls and illuminated pool. On cue the motorized doors slowly revealed the TV inset behind the custom stage backdrop. For the first time, CES would see the unveiling of this magnificent Samsung product. The unveiling was dramatic and well planned and executed.


Stage fabrication construction los angeles production

After the reveal, the attention shifted towards Foxtail, where once inside, guests experienced 4 product display zones and custom kiosks, highlighted with directional fluorescent light sculptures at the center of the space. Exhibit attendees were thriving at the experience MKG & Samsung created.

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