VR Activations with Tinder at CES 2017

Tinder and VR Activations

The dating app, Tinder worked with Fresh Wata to prank all of CES 2017 with VR activations. CES 2017 featured Tinder jumping on the virtual reality bandwagon, saying it created its own virtual reality headset!

With the Tinder VR device, you can “look into the eyes of another person.” This is Tinder trying to “take the V out of VR.” The Tinder company blog shared that they “created our multi-user VR headset with the Tinder experience in mind. Real people having a real experience, and like the app, it only works with a double opt-in.”

The Tinder VR device comes with a modern, clean intro video. It states that Tinder is “always looking for new ways to bring people together, not in feeds or comment sections. Real together. Shared experiences. The feeling of being truly connected. There is nothing like it. #TinderVR” The video ends with 2 people, standing face to face, connected by the Tinder VR device.

Tinder VR Device

The brilliance of the prank is that the Tinder VR device is literally connecting people together to have a shared experience. Taking the “V out of VR” means that these two people are just looking at each other through the Tinder device. This is the “feeling of being truly connected”. However, Tinder let the cat out of the bag that the booth was a stunt. That didn’t stop people from coming by to experience the Tinder VR for themselves.

Tinder debuted in 2012 as a new kind of dating app. The app got rid of long profiles and endless quizzes. A 500 character limit and a limited number of photos streamlined the dating process. Users swipe through these mirco-profiles and chat with those with mutual interest. This new kind of dating app pranked CES 2017 with the VR headset. Fresh Wata managed production of all the elements and furniture for the Tinder booth. Fresh Wata produced a variety of booths, events and product launches at CES 2017.

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