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Large Scale Event Planning

Large Scale Event Planning If you have a large event that you know you want to plan in 2019, you can start planning now! In fact, if it is very large event, over 500+ attendees, you should start pla [...]

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40’ Clear Inflatable Domes

Clear Inflatable Domes Summer is a time for exhibitionism. It’s the perfect season to shed it all off and be completely transparent. That’s why we are obsessed with displaying your next event, ex [...]

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A “Fresh” Approach To A Viking Dinner

  Super Bowl LII, Minneapolis, MN. Fresh Wata x Visa. Visa's “Dinner For A Viking,” Client Appreciation Event. [spacer_10]   This year when Super Bowl LII brought Fresh Wata x Vi [...]

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Head In The Clouds Ultra Violet Cosmos

Has 2018 been the year that you have felt inventive? Perhaps more imaginative? If the answer is yes, you just might be getting a little inspiration from Pantone 2018 Color Of The Year, Ultra Violet. [...]

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Fresh Addition – Pat Scott

Meet The Freshest Addition To The FW Fam. Production Manager, Pat Scott. [spacer_40] What Makes Pat Fresh? “Well, I shower regularly, and that helps. I also bring an eager perspective to my posi [...]

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Unleashing Mutant Powers…

Unleashing Mutant Powers... FW x Thinking Box = Fresh Thinking This Fall Fox promoted their new series, The Gifted, about an underground network of super mutants by giving fans the experience of har [...]

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Fresh Addition: Taylor Ray

Meet The Freshest Addition To The FW Fam. Graphic Designer, Taylor Ray. [spacer_40] What Makes Taylor Fresh? “I am really inspired by the act of creating things. Making something from nothing bu [...]

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fw vr – Let’s Make Virtual History.

Add 3D, 4D, VR, AR+MR or Hologram experience at your next fw event, festival, or exhibit. Virtual reality creates opportunities for agencies and planners to create engaging, innovative, multi-sensory [...]

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Theme it up!

Theme BrandingThere’s a thin line between executing a great theme at an event and… not. The trick is to be subtle, creative, and unpredictable. We always get so excited when our clients want us [...]

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Let Them Eat… Salad.

We all know that when it comes to events food is often the main attraction. Now that Spring has sprung and event season is in full effect, it’s time to take a closer look at the many ways that we ca [...]

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