LYFT Mobile Units


Fresh Wata fabricated a fully customized mobile Airstream for Lyft for the 2017 Life is Beautiful Festival – in 21 days! Fresh Wata fabrication brings your dreams to life, by listening and turning your ideas into actions.  Lyft knew exactly what they wanted for their Airstream: storage, a bar, internal speakers, charging stations, and more, and we brought their idea to life!



The first step is determining the wants and needs of the client, in this case Lyft. The team were very specific on what the Airstream needed. Storage is always a must, since the Airstream is meant to travel around the country! No Airstream is complete with a bar and internal speakers to help get the party started! But they also wanted a stylish mid century design and for the Airstream to scream LYFT! With that information in hand, Fresh Wata went through the design process.  Conceptualizing with different colors, materials, and space configuration.  They wanted their signature pink included in the design, but they didn’t want a bright pink Airstream!  We worked with our design team and created designs and renderings of what they Airstream could look like. We were on the right path, but needed just one more design element to really kick it up a notch.  That is where the 24 foot glowing billboard mounted to the side of the Airstream comes in! We know that when Lyft pulls up in their custom Airstream with the glowing billboard on the side, they won’t be forgotten! At the end of 21 days, we had made the full conversion from Airstream to the newest Lyft experience.  No set-up required, just drive and park!


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