Spotify Suites – CES Las Vegas @ Encore


Transform a suite of standard hotel rooms into an immersive brand experience: create a mini ad-lab with meeting spaces, live podcast station, sound stations, product demos, comprehensive branding and premium takeaways for invited guests to experience and become part of the Spotify brand at CES.  Create experiences, meetings and demos with partner products in the Fairway Villas @ Encore.



FW delivered an interactive experience for reaching guests by setting up an Ad Studio within vignettes of “screenless moments” in life (ie a library, a listening station, etc).  Spotify Lab, Tech Panels, Female Quotient, happy hours and meetings rooms, guests would curate their own experience within the Spotify Universe as we brought the brand language to life with dimensional layers, color blocking, “color bleed” monochromatic  installations, and use of the recognizable simple geometric themes.  We built upon the layered composition concept, but brought it more to life by bleeding the color into the physical assets to truly immerse guests into the theme.  We connected the user to the space more interactively beyond  technology components and made it personal. The space was brought to life with a giant iphone, built in demos and digital signage with listening stations.  The silent coffee bar allowed you to enjoy coffee, art and our barista with a dash of Spotify apron. An entire floor of the Wynn was transformed from a corporate meeting space to a whimsical Spotify destination and both client and guests left completely satisfied and enchanted.  



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