T-Mobile for Business – MWCA Booth

The Ask

T Mobile asked Fresh Wata to create a space where their technology sponsors could showcase their product in interactive ways, while keeping the space open and inviting.  The booth required an area for larger presentations as well as private meeting spaces.

The Solution

Our team thought about interaction and how we could make the booth comfortable.  We created a space that hit guests right away with a large LED screen and a T Mobile Cafe, where people gathered to discuss what they have experienced, have a drink, and have a good overview of the entirety of the booth’s spaces.  The presentation area was open format for all guests to watch from within the booth.  Modular seating cubes shuffled based on the presenter. Sponsor areas surrounded the perimeter as well as 2 private meeting spaces.  Neutral colors, natural wood slatted structures made the space feel warm and inviting, with several lounges throughout.  The backside had a large fabric structure symbolizing the T-Mobile beams anchoring the back of the booth and gave a great element of fun to the space.

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