Migos Hologram

The Ask

Create an album drop like none other allowing fans to experience an up close and personal moment with emerging talent as they beam in from other cities.   Produce a multi-city album drop  and meet & greet handling all production, management, shipping, installation logistics  & coordination associated to meet the short deadline and release date.


The Solution

Live hologram teleportation was the breakthrough patent pending solution used to gain media awareness and instant traction.  This technology allows anyone to beam anywhere in the world without leaving the home or pop up studio in real-time.  We immediately got to work securing multiple locations & venues across the country including Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Las Vegas where we could place the hologram in front of fans for a live meet & greet holographic experience.  Our team of producers worked closely on venue locations and contracting. Our director, camera men and editors quickly got to work on the production.  We worked with each venue on internet signals and port forwarding in order to make sure we could build a secure network for  a holographic beam in 4 cities all in one day.

FW assembled multiple crews on the ground for install and set up while IT was able to manage ports, networking data and connections on the backend connecting the holograms to the talent and studio.  Migos was successfully beamed into Chinese Mann Theater in Los Angeles, Dais Nightclub, Las Vegas, Atlanta Underground and BitBasel Miami Lab simultaneously. Fresh Wata is the first event production company in the US to provide this service. We provided a tech director, created the run of show, supplied multiple producers in each city, supplied behind the scenes videography and photography, booked hosts for each city and supplied all the equipment needed to make it happen. We traveled and sent teams to each location while the main location in Atlanta is where the Migos were located. Our main studio was set up in Atlanta where the Migos were located.  With a white backdrop and our special lighting and camera skills we were able to make them appear as a Hologram 4 different cities using the Portl.

In addition FW Experiences created hologram animations of logos, posters and flyers to display in between sets.   QR codes were used on the units to allow passersby to gain more info on the album release and enter a scan to win ticket giveaway.  After the experience we invited fans to pose for selfies with the hologram celebrities in each location.  We worked closely with Illusion Entertainment Group, artist management, and the record label redefining an album launch in numerous cities for The Migos Culture III.

The events also included a collaboration with HI Fi Labs on an additional experience bringing 10 talented musicians and performances into the hologram presented by SOLAR.



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