To design, fabricate, produce, and manage a 30×30 branded booth space that commanded attention with 360 degree Wow-Factor moments. Additionally, this space needed to maintain a sleek, on-brand look and feel while incorporating a mannequin display, video wall, shark photo, and private meeting space for eight.


The Solution

To make the most efficient use of our footprint, we reimagined the video wall as a suspended globe of synchronized monitors, freeing up floor space to show off Discovery’s custom elements and allow more foot-traffic.

Playing off the popularity of Shark Week, we fabricated a custom, life-size foam sculpted shark, modeled off the Guinness World Records largest ever caught, which became our popular photo op.

The booth’s front desk brought Discovery’s logo literally to life via a hand sculpted and topographically-textured globe which invited attendees to explore our tactile world by hand.

In keeping with all things Discovery, we utilized creativity to reimagine our meeting room to be as visually interesting as the rest of the booth. We did this by creating a tropical jungle paradise via a custom printed light box sky with printed clouds and fully wrapped jungle walls on all sides. To complete the visage, we utilized green flooring to mimic a jungle floor. Finally, to showcase the coveted SHARK WEEK X RODNIK BAND COLLABORATION, we created an ultra-realistic, life size toy box to display custom mannequins and collaboration product.


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