The Venetian Resort Exhibit Booth

The Ask

Bring to life the designs and renderings provided by our client Narrative Group, on the show floor at IMEX. Fabricate Venetian’s new 20×40 exhibit booth from the ground up and manage the project start to finish installing each detail on the show floor.

The Solution

FW generated elevation drawings and got sign off to start construction to on Venetian’s Tradeshow presence at the IMEX. We prepared a timeline and stayed on top of deadlines. The barista station was built center of the booth under tall arches supported by 8 massive structural 12” fiberglass columns creating the main focal point extending up 16ft in the air. A beautiful masterpiece art fresco was suspended center of the booth creating and intimate ceiling scape for visitors to sit underneath and enjoy a biscotti. Lounges allowed for comfortable meetings and a luxe infinity mirror arch reminded you of Vegas set inside Italian inspired arches then modernized with neon tubes for lighting. Our producers managed marshaling, drayage, power, rigging, in addition material sourcing, to full construction and installation.

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