GumGum AR App

The Ask

Develop an out of the ordinary experience for GumGum’s partners utilizing special branded GumGum coasters that are interactive during guests visit to their CES hospitality suite, also to be used as a great takeaway! Tie in innovative elements, showcasing GumGum’s tech and creative new units including In-Game & In-Video along with a fun interactive quiz to collect engagement.

The Solution

• 4 different AR cocktails with 4 window pop ups for each. Total of 16 window pop ups and the cocktail 3d animation.
• Each animation goes with each drink
• When the user turns the eco-friendly coaster, the specific drink pops up with an article and an example of GumGum’s contextual tech Verity™, we can also tie in the attention metric piece to each one
• Encourage users to promote on their social media for brand awareness and buzz
• Side B — The Mindset Matrix™ recipe with a CTA of learn more at

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