Interactive 3D Animation Demonstration for T-Mobile’s Executive Briefing Center

The Ask

Fresh Wata had the opportunity to work with Groove Jones to design and develop an interactive 3d animation for their client T-Mobile to highlight the capabilities of their 5G network. The customized interactive experience was designed for product demonstrations at their Executive Briefing Center in Overland Park, Kansas City.


The Solution

Viewers will engage and learn from the video and the presenters’ explanation and insight into how T-Mobiles 5G spectrum assets allow flexibility, network solutions and performances, right-sized deployment models, catered business goals, and much more.



• Design of original animated content.
• The interactive animated video allows the presenter to control the story, select different subjects, and speak or elaborate on a topic.
• App Design, UI, and User Experience
• Storyboarding, Design, and Look Development
• 3D CGI Asset creation, Animation, and Visual Effects
• Interaction Design and Development
• Sound Design


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